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History of baseball in the United States

Baseball is one of the most popular games in the world, especially in the United States. This exciting game is similar to the Lapta game in Russia and cricket in England. The history of baseball in the United States remains unclear as there are no official records that prove its country of origin. However, this game has gone through tremendous changes in terms of rules and popularity. As we speak, baseball is recognized as one of the games with many fans from all over the world.
Different people have different opinions regarding the origin of baseball, but the real origin of this game lays in the great US. Back then, the name baseball did not exist, and it was simply referred to as “base” or “townball”.

Before 1845, there were no recognized playing rules governing the sport. At this time, the history of baseball took an acute turning point with Alexander Cartwright and New York Knickerbocker Base Ball Club members coming up with the idea of record-keeping and counting scores. This prompted the establishment of baseball contests, and the first one took place in 1871. A professional league was established afterward. Since then, the game has been played more frequently and increased in popularity.

Almost every American city formed a professional team to participate in contests. However, this did not impact much on the popularity of this game till 1920 when New York Yankees’ Babe Ruth rose to fame with his well-publicized runs. The national hero led his team to victory and several World Series titles.

It was not until 1947 when African-American players were allowed to play in major leagues. Before this time, African-American players could not participate in a Negro league. This is the time when Jackie Robinson, who had good athletic ability was allowed to join Brooklyn Dodgers.

As the 1950s approached, the Western US encouraged teams from the East to participate. This move led to the formation of expansion teams which consisted of players from other teams. This gave birth to major baseball leagues-the National League and the American League.

In1957, the first ever baseball league, was organized whereby 25 teams took part. This historic event made baseball even more promising. However, the baseball sport suffered a major blow during the American Civil War but rose again steadily after that. The game has grown tremendously since then.

Baseball had been included in the Olympic Games before it was eliminated in 2008. The US baseball team emerged the winners in the 2000 Olympic Games.

The game has taken roots around the world and in, 2006 the US held the first annual world baseball classic whereby a number of countries participated.

Baseball history in America has indeed come a long way from its humble beginning in the 17th century as a ’rounders’ game on a sand lot.

For the enthusiastic baseball fans out there, the future of baseball is very promising and more talented players are yet to be born to match the colorful history of baseball. Overall, baseball is a game like no other, bridging differences and unique in every way.