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How to Find a Date in a Sports Bar

Many dating experts will tell you that a sports bar is not the best place to look for a date. I beg to disagree. I will go as far as to say that sports bars are the some of the best places to find a date. Unlike in regular bars, people in sports bars are there to enjoy games and to have fun with their friends. They are not there to pick up someone or be picked up. So this means that what you see in people in sports bars are there real selves. They are not putting their best feet forward. You can also be sure that girls in bars like sport. Some may even love sports. Isn’t it every man’s dream to find a girl who loves sports as much as he does? If you do end up with someone whom you met in a sports bar, then you don’t need to explain to her why you need to go home and catch the NBA Finals.

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If you meet someone in a sports bar, you will also not have a hard time deciphering her personality. There are plenty of things you can tell about a woman who loves sports. Most women who love sports are very competitive. They love challenges, and they don’t easily give up. Women who love sports can also act as one of the boys. They are definitely not the damsel in distress type that you need to take care of. Many of these women are capable of taking care of you. Now that you know the advantages of meeting a girl in a sports bar, for sure you will appreciate some tips on how to pick up women in such a venue. One important thing that you need to keep in mind. Whatever you do, never ever interrupt a girl who is watching her favorite team playing especially if the game is in its crucial moments. Do that and you can say goodbye to your chances of getting on her good side. Should you root for the same team she is rooting for? Not necessarily especially if you really don’t like her team. She will know you if you are just faking it and she will know your true intentions. Trust me. Your best bet is to act naturally. If you are rooting for the team that is going against hers, then go ahead and cheer your team. Don’t hold yourself back. As mentioned earlier, girls who love sports love challenges. Let some friendly (or not so friendly) competition develop between you and the girl. If you’re lucky, that tension will turn into something romantic after the end of the game.If her team loses, should you offer a shoulder to cry on? Of course, you should but do not be patronizing. Don’t make things worse by saying things that you find in a motivational poster. The best thing that you can do if her team loses is to buy her a drink and to let her rant about how bad the officiating is or how the other team got away with cheating.